Supporting International Sports Games

We sincerely and enthusiastically share Mother’s love with the world, supporting international sports events for the world’s peace, harmony, and friendship.

The Aurah Supporters of the Church of God present Koreans’ affection and consideration to the world with diverse volunteer services such as holding welcome and farewell ceremonies, cheering at the games, providing interpretation, introducing Korean culture, and cleaning stadiums. At the 2007 Anseong World Soft Tennis Championship, many were moved when we warmly welcomed even one player who came on behalf of his country.

During the 2003 Daegu Summer Universiade, 90,000 man-days cheered for the teams from 176 countries. Regarding our activities, an authority of the Universiade highly praised: “The role of the Church of God’s Aurah Supporters was outstanding. They’ve opened a new field in supporting and are changing its culture.”

With the increasing number of foreigners from all over the world visiting Korea, we continue to share Mother’s love and communicate with the world by supporting events.

  • 2002 Campaign for FIFA World Cup Korea/Japan
  • 2002 Busan Asian Games (4,000 man-days)
  • 2002 Busan FESPIC Games (3,500 man-days)
  • 2003 Daegu Summer Universiade (176 countries, 90,000 man-days)
  • 2004 Korea-Turkey Friendship Soccer Tournament
  • 2005 Korea International Archery Event
  • 2005 Incheon Asian Athletics Championships
  • 2007 Anseong World Soft Tennis Championship
  • 2011 Mungyeong World Soft Tennis Championship
  • 2015 Gwangju Summer Universiade (10,000 man-days)
  • 2016 Gijang WBSC Women’s Baseball World Cup

Character Education for the Youth

The experiences during the period of growth influence life greatly. The Church of God helps the youth to realize the value of life and to have a good character and warm sensibility.

We have various activities for the youth after school and on day offs, and student camps during vacations, through which we provide field trips, recreation, volunteer services, and orchestra concerts. Through the Soul and the Happy Home, monthly magazines for the youth and families, they learn harmonious relationships with family, friends, seniors, juniors, and teachers.

As the youth’s character buildup is being emphasized more and more, parents, teachers, and personality education lecturers all welcome such efforts.

Education & Lecture

Manners, character buildup, violence prevention, etc.

We invite lectures from all walks of life to have special lectures on the topics angled towards the youth such as career path, relationships, and self-development. It provides an educational opportunity for not only students but also their parents.

Field Trips & Experience Activities

Cheongwadae [Korean Presidential Office and Residence], the National Assembly Building, museums, memorial halls, and safety experience halls, and experiencing crafts and ceramics, etc.

We help them visit national institutions and various facilities, and experience many different fields. Through vivid field trips, the youth see the world with a wider view and plan their future in detail.

Volunteer Services

Forest, seashore, riverside, park, and street cleanups

They clean their local areas. Through this, they realize how precious the global environment is, and participate in volunteer services with their families, friends, seniors, juniors, and teachers, building up family happiness and good relationship with others.

Helping underprivileged families, visiting nursing homes, and giving a helping hand to farmers

The youth practice good deeds to help their neighbors. They learn manners, filial duty, virtues, and how to live with others, not alone.

Supporting Students

Scholarships and tuition, cost of school uniforms, living expenses, etc.

We support students to pursue their future dreams. We hope that they will have the opportunity to learn even in difficult circumstances and grow up rightly through meaningful school life.

Student Orchestra Concerts

Tours around Seoul and six other metropolitan cities, and large cities throughout Korea

The orchestra concert by students and for students is held. It is to comfort the youth who are burdened with academic stress and distressed by school violence, and to give them hope and courage with impressive melodies.

New Song Festival

During summer and winter vacations, at the Okcheon Go&Come Training Institute

Their unity makes a beautiful chord. We hope that the celestial melodies played by youths will resonate around the world.


Healing Project

We give warm consolation and hope to those who live a weary and tiring life.