21st century pilgrimage to Korea

Numerous people make a pilgrimage to Jerusalem in Israel in search of Christ’s traces. However, the place that is more special in this age must be Korea where the Spirit and the Bride have come according to the prophecies of the Bible, where you can meet God the Mother, be moved by Her infinite love, and learn the words of the water of life directly.

This is why many people visit Korea, the land of Mother. To the Church of God members around the world, visiting Korea is like going on a pilgrimage.

Seventy Overseas Visiting Groups;1,500 visitors every year on average

More than seventy visiting groups have come to Korea since 2000. On average, more than 1,500 foreign members a year were moved by Mother’s love, and experienced various aspects of Korean culture. It was possible thanks to the love of Mother who embraces Her children.

At Mother’s love for each and every one, many members around the world look forward to visiting Korea. We will continue to do our best in delivering God’s great love and Korean culture and warm affection to the brothers and sisters all over the globe.

Prophecies of the Bible

Like clouds, like doves

Many people visit Korea, the country at the eastern ends of the earth,
following the prophecies of the Bible.

The Bible prophesied that nations would come to Heavenly Jerusalem Mother. Following the words, our brothers and sisters around the world fly to Korea like clouds, like doves, to meet God the Mother. They have aspirations to experience Mother’s love and learn it so that they may practice it in their home countries.

“Nations will come to your light, and kings to the brightness of your dawn. . . . Who are these that fly along like clouds, like doves to their nests?”

Isa 60:3, 8

Interviews with the Members

We’re truly happy to receive the truth
and to realize God the Father
and God the Mother

Korea is the place where Heavenly Mother dwells, the land of prophecy. I came here to receive the water of life that you can only receive from God the Mother.


from Memphis, U.S.

I came to Korea to obtain more realization and preach the words of God to France and Europe that are suffering from spiritual thirst.


from Paris, France

Truly, Heavenly Mother is Almighty God. I’ve seen with my own eyes the glory of our Heavenly Mother.

Carlos Frank

from Faucett, Peru

The final reason why I will not leave the Church of God is because of God the Mother. Even since I was a child, I always wished there was God the Mother, and only this church teaches the profound truth of our Heavenly Mother.


from San Diego, U.S.

I don’t think there are words to describe the grace of Mother. Only after coming to Korea and meeting Heavenly Mother, I could truly understand the love that She gives out to everybody.


from Manchester, U.K.

Jerusalem that is above is our Mother. I believe all the prophecies of the Bible, and believe in Mother. And I know that Mother is God.


from Blagoveshchensk, Russia

I realized that Mother is our God and that She has chosen us.


from Berlin, Germany

Thank you so much Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother for allowing me to come to Korea, for blessing me, and for giving me a chance to become a prophet in these last days.


from Cape Town, South Africa

Through all this blessing, after all this spiritual food that has given to me here in Korea, when I return to Angola, I want to dedicate my life to the gospel as much as possible.

Joao Salvador

from Luanda, Angola

That will be never be enough for the great love and sacrifice our Heavenly Mother has given us. At the very least, the one thing I can do is devote my entire being to making Her the glory and praise of this world.


from Belleville, NJ, U.S.

International Bible Seminar

Experts in various fields proved the existence of God the Mother.

The mystery of the Bible, which has not been solved by Bible scholars for thousands of years!
Through the Bible Seminar, the key to the mystery turned out to be God the Mother. Experts in the fields of theology, science, history, psychology, and space science proved the existence of God the Mother, Her love, and the importance of Her role based on specific examples, evidence, and the Bible.

God the Mother Testified in the Bible

Keynote Address

The word Elohim, which means Gods, appears more than 2,500 times in the Bible. This has been the mystery of the Bible which the Bible scholars have been unable to solve for over thousands of years. But it is easy when we find the existence of God the Mother in the Bible.

Mankind must find God the Mother testified in the Bible to receive salvation.

General Pastor Kim Joo-cheol

Space Science

The Source of Life in the Universe Is Our Heavenly Mother

Through all living things that receive life from their mothers, we can discover that the source of eternal life is God the Mother.

August Hugo Kruesi

Political Science

The Love of Mother Brings Balance

The way to create a perfect balance on the earth is to believe the Bible, which is the word of God, and to realize the love of God the Mother.

Paul Richard Wilcox

Medical Science

Mitochondrial Inheritance

The reality of the Mitochondrial Eve that gives life to us is God the Mother who gives us eternal life.

Elias Caicedo

Historical Studies

Veracity of the Existence of God the Mother from Historical and Psychological Points of View

Mental, psychological, and physical stability contributes greatly to social development. And it comes fundamentally from Mother.

Carlos Gutierrez


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Purpose of Volunteer Services

“To save precious lives”