“Mother’s Heart” Orchestra Concerts

A mother hopes her family to be happy, and we put such love of a mother in the orchestra concerts. Through concerts for families and neighbors, we provide opportunities for promoting communication between family members and harmony among neighbors, bring rest and consolation to those who are tired, and soothe their stress from their busy daily lives.

Through charity concerts to help earthquake victims in Haiti and Chile, and flood victims in Thailand, we help our global neighbors who are struggling with sudden disasters and give them courage and hope.

“Our Mother” Writing and PhotoExhibition

When we think of our mothers, we are touched. It is an exhibition designed to convey hope and courage by reminding the viewers of love and sacrifice of mothers who give strength to their children.

The first exhibition was held in Gangnam, Seoul, in June 2013, and a special exhibition was held at the New Jerusalem Pangyo Temple in June 2017. More than 600,000 visitors were moved to tears through exhibitions in 57 regions across the country.

The fervent response for the exhibition continued on the other side of the globe that they were held in Manhattan, New York, U.S. and Santiago, Chile. We received a citation from the president of the Borough of Brooklyn, U.S.: “I commend the Church of God for being the host organization for the Mother’s Love Art Gallery, allowing the Gallery to positively impact the lives of others in our great borough.”

Modern people living their busy lives feel the importance of family and meaning of life again through the deep love and sacrifice of Mother who is our eternal home.


Global Cooperation & Major Awards Received

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