Okcheon Go&Come Training Institute

The name of the Institute, “Go&Come” means to lead all people into the arms of Heavenly Father and Mother by following the word, “Go and preach the gospel to the world,” and delivering the voice of the Spirit and the Bride, who say, “Come to receive the water of life.”

To vitalize world evangelism, we provide education to the members, overseas visiting groups, and pastoral staff, and hold diverse seminars, church events, and gatherings for development of local community, at this institute which can hold a large meeting with more than 15,000 participants.

Elohim Training Institute

Elohim means Gods in Hebrews. In beautiful nature created by God the Father and God the Mother, we conduct educational programs for the members around the world to grow to resemble Christ of love.

It is the place where overseas visiting groups come to experience Korean culture and events for local neighbors are held.

Dongbaek Training Institute

It is adjacent to the Head Office, so it is used for education for overseas visiting groups and members in the capital area.

Jounyisan Training Institute

The Bible seminars are held for pastoral staff and the members.

Jeju Training Institute

The Bible seminars are held for pastoral staff and the members.

Church of God Theological Seminary

The Church of God Theological Seminary is a professional educational institute to educate pastoral staff. Following the will of God who commanded us, “Preach the gospel in Samaria and to the ends of the earth,” prophets are educated here for delivering God’s word and taking care of the members around the world.

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Church of God History Museum

The Church of God History Museum shows the history of the Bible in a three-dimensional view from the beginning of mankind to the future at a glance. The audience can see and experience the gospel work containing God’s noble love and sacrifice.

Messiah Orchestra

The Messiah Orchestra is composed of the Church of God members. They perform to praise God Elohim and hold concerts for neighbors and communities, as a means of cultural communication.

The orchestra shares God’s love and hope through charity concerts for disaster victims, foreigners in the nation, and for neighbors.

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In the Himalayas—the Roof of the World,and in the Amazon rainforest, the new covenant is observed