Worldwide Environmental Cleanup Campaign for the Passover

Christ established the Passover of the new covenant to give eternal life to mankind.

Following Christ’s love and sacrifice contained in the Passover, the Church of God protects the earth, the base for life, and cleanses the polluted environment around the world for the health and happiness of our neighbors.

We carry out various environmental activities such as picking up garbage discarded indiscriminately, planting trees, and removing noxious weeds.

Volunteer services with family, neighbors, friends, and acquaintances play a positive role in family fellowship, communication between neighbors, and character education for children and teenagers.


Participating Nations


Participating Cities


No. of Activities

Park & Streets

We clean out places for everyone such as streets, parks, playgrounds, markets, and shopping areas, so that all our families and neighbors can stay healthy.

We pick up garbage not only on the streets and in the parks but also at the corners beyond eyeshot of people. We pluck out weeds.

The neat streets and pleasant parks make passersby feel refreshed.

Seashores & Riversides

Water is the source of life.
Keeping precious water is like saving human life.
By collecting garbage that pollutes local streams and rivers in the region, tourists as well as residents enjoy the beautiful nature.


Mountains and forests provide clean and refreshing air.
We clean up trails so that we and our descendants can live in fresher air. We protect the ecosystem of forests and keep the animals and plants in the mountains healthy by removing harmful plants that hinder the growth of native plants.

Raising Environmental Awareness

Protecting the environment is a task that must be done by all human beings, and so we inform about the seriousness of environmental problems and the need for environmental protection through various environmental education and campaigns.

As we constantly take the lead in protecting the environment with a sense of ownership, we come to encourage people from all walks of life around the world to participate in volunteer services, raising environmental awareness.


Neighborly Love

Seven billion people on the earthare one family.