New Jerusalem Temple Dwellingin Heavenly Mother’s Love

It is a place of the truth, where the love of Heavenly Mother, the source of living water, wells up and the brothers and sisters come from all around the world.

Jerusalem is remembered as the blessed land for the Israelites in the old days. In the same way, this place, filled with the love of New Jerusalem Heavenly Mother who grants eternal life that mankind longs for, has become a resting place for people in the world.

As everything lives wherever the water of life from Jerusalem flows (Eze 47:1–12), the good news of salvation and Mother’s love for seven billion people spreads from New Jerusalem Temple.

New Jerusalem Pangyo Temple

New Jerusalem Pangyo Temple plays a pivotal role in world evangelism. The temple with grandeur and elegance has many spaces including the main worship hole with 3,000 seats.

We hold many events such as blood drives to commemorate the Passover, Messiah orchestra concerts, and “Our Mother” Writing & Photo Exhibition to inspire our members and neighbors.

Church of God in Korea

The Church of God and Koreahave grown together

Churches in Korea

The Churches of God have been established across the nation: the capital city of Seoul and six metropolitan cities, and provinces of Gyeonggi, Gangwon, Chungcheong, Gyeongsang, Jeolla, and Jeju.

Neat and elegant church buildings with local characteristics are built frugally and efficiently. Its warm and bright atmosphere welcomes our neighbors as well as the members.

The members set a good example by doing good deeds, following the teachings of God Elohim. We stay together with our neighbors with a smile and a loving heart.


Overseas Visiting Group

Meeting God the Mother