The Passover is a precious feast when we receive eternal life through God’s flesh and blood. Based on the love and sacrifice of God who gives eternal life to mankind through the Passover, we carry out the Worldwide Blood Drive to Give Life Through the Love of the Passover around the world to save the lives in danger.

It is said that one donation of blood can save three lives. It is like we have saved more than 207,000 lives through the blood drives we have carried out so far. Numerous children, youths, adults, and seniors have new lives, and their families regain hope and happiness, too.

People in many countries participate in blood drives, regardless of cultures and environments, easing blood shortages and raising awareness about blood donation.


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One person’s donation of blood can save three lives.

Many nations have major blood shortages. In developing countries, the problem is more serious as they are not aware of the importance of blood donation. The Church of God promotes the necessity and importance of blood donation through blood drives around the world. As science and industries have developed, many things can be made, but blood is an exception; it cannot be replaced with any artificial substances. Our blood donation saves life.


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